Passionate about angling, in particular flyfishing for trout, grayling and salmon, using both dry flies and nymphs or streamers, and about fly tying, and with a natural tendency to look for innovative, simple and effective solutions in any field that interest me, sometimes minimalist solution that require less equipement and material but are more efficient; it was becoming obvious to me that I needed to invent a dubbing tool that could replace two others, the bobbin holder and the dubbing twister.

After a lot of reflection, and sketches and drawings, i arrived at a modern, new generation bobbin holder with an integrated dubbing twister.And the HookBobbin was born.

My note books are full of innovative designs for fishing: jackets, wadind shoes, waders, fly tying tools, fly tying vises and reels......

.....But i often abandon my hooks, fly tying threads, feathers and dubbings to escape to the river bank with my rod for another kind of relaxation.

The HookBobbin is made in France, near Starsbourg in Alsace by DSME.
All components come from Switzerland, the United States, Japan or France to guarantee an effective, very high quality tool.

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